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NOTICE: Robertson, TN

Sentencing Information Removed

Please Be Advised: The head Clerk in Robertson County, TN has recently removed all sentencing information available on the Public Access Terminals.

This was due to the below reasons provided by the Clerk:

  • Confidential information within the case minutes (Names of victims, addresses of victims, etc.)

  • They are short staffed at the clerk’s office so they will NOT provide the information to researchers.

  • The researchers can still see everything, just not the sentencing information on the cases. They can see ID’s, dismissed, guilty, etc., but no details.

  • No sentencing will be available AT ALL until their software company can come in and fix the problem. They currently have no ETA at all on this being completed.

Until further notice our researcher will continue to provide all case information found when processing searches. If anything changes, we will be sure to provide an update.

Please contact our offices if you have any questions or concerns with this particular jurisdiction.

Thank you,

– SPI Researchers Team

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