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DOB Verification for Wisconsin Traffic & Ordinance Cases

Multiple courts in Wisconsin have begun to fully or partially redact dates of birth on traffic and ordinance violations. Although there will remain some outliers, the courts' policies have changed overall. This information will no longer be confirmed through phone, fax, or email. We will, however, still be able to confirm the full date of birth through a copy retrieval request.

SPI Researchers has always reported all identifiers obtainable through standard search parameters and will continue to do so. If you are interested in copy retrieval to obtain a full date of birth for Wisconsin traffic and ordinance violation cases, or for any other reason, please contact your Account Representative to discuss pricing and service options.

SPI Researchers can obtain non-certified and certified copies of court documents from every county in the US where available. We utilize on-site court-runners and direct-access methods to retrieve documents quickly. Pricing will vary by county due to the fees charged by the court.

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